DOMBRAIN INC. was founded in 1995 under the direction of Nicholas and Elodie d’Ombrain. The company has provided consulting services specializing in machinery of government, which is the discipline of how government is regulated and organized to achieve its objectives. The company has drawn it clients from the federal and provincial levels in Canada, international organizations, certain foreign governments, and a number of Canadian private sector corporations. The company was wound up in 2014 after almost twenty years of business.

Nicholas d'Ombrain was born in the United Kingdom and educated in Canada, England and the United States. He holds a degrees from McGill from Oxford Universities and held a post-doctoral research fellowship at Harvard University. He is a specialist in the machinery of government in the Westminster system of parliamentary and cabinet government. Elodie d'Ombrain is an Acadian, born in New Brunswick, and has an honours degree in English Literature from the University of Ottawa. She is a specialist in communications planning and management. Both Nicholas and Elodie pursued careers with the Canadian federal government.