Atul Gawande, Being Mortal: Medicine and what matters in the end. [New York]: Random House, 2014. e-book.

Dr. Gawande is a surgeon practicing in the United States, and the author of several illuminating books about his profession. He focuses here on the fact that medical training and practice is all about finding ways to prolong life at almost any cost, without consideration of the patient's comfort and ultimate fate. The problem is not limited to medical practitioners, sometimes patients cling to unrealistic hopes, and often they are encouraged in this futility by medical advisers who encourage them to follow the prescribed treatments to the (all too often) bitter end. He fits this discussion into a wider examination of the inadequacy of facilities for assisted living, nursing home, and in the end hospice and palliative care. This inevitable progression for most of the elderly is treated as far less important than the provision of medical solutions that do not consider the wellbeing of elderly patients, and often increase their suffering.

Well worth reading.
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